What is Defect / Bug Life Cycle ? A Movie

Defect life cycle in software testing

Crude oil goes through different stages of refinement, before petrol and diesel are extracted. Similarly, defect found while testing, passes from actor to actor before getting the desired result. Sounds weird ? 🙂  yeah! Check out some interesting story below.

Key Actors :

Firstly, you will get introduced to the ‘Cast’ (key actors) of the movie . They are QA Analyst or Tester , QA lead , Business Analyst , Developer , Dev Lead / Tech lead and Project Manager (not in image). Wait! I forgot our Cute little Buggy the ‘Hero’ .

Actors of defect life cycle

Story Line :

An E-mail application is deployed in the QA environment for Testing, and testing team has started executing tests on various modules . Suddenly, QA analyst has found a ‘Hero’ who has started acting on his own, neglecting the requirements given by the director. The story revolves around the Hero and the key actors trying to correct the mistakes and getting a desired status. Interesting enough ? lets move forward.

First Half :

On finding the strange behavior of the Hero, QA analyst decided to take up the issue to his superior known as QA lead. The status of the Buggy is set as ‘NEW‘ and passed on to the ‘Lead’ for further action.

QA analyst finds defect in Defect life cycle

Now, QA lead is in a difficult situation wherein, He needs to validate the behavior, taking the below points into consideration :

  1. Hero is acting accordingly.
  2. Are there any changes.
  3. None of the above.

The role of QA lead is important at this point of time as he needs to decide on the further action.

QA lead to Dev Lead the defect life cycle

After analysis , The below are the outcomes:

  1. If the defect is a valid one , QA lead assigns it to the DEV lead for further action. The status of the defect is set to ‘Open‘.
  2. If the defect is due to change request which is to be implemented, then the status of the defect is changed to ‘Deferred‘ on consultation with the teams.
  3. If the defect is found as invalid and there is no change request, then the defect status is set to ‘closed‘.

Interval Bang:

QA analyst receives an email saying ‘Your Comments are Inappropriate’ which means ‘Defect logged is rejected’, citing the reasons like its a Duplicate one, not a defect etc.

Break Time : No coke and Pop Corn

QA analyst searches out the reasons: about what went wrong ? why the defect is rejected and so on , He does some analysis around the requirements.

Second Half :

The second half starts with problem solving, where the Development lead ‘assigns‘ the defect to the concerned developer for corrections and fixes. The status is given as Assigned. The developer does some analysis and figures out a solution to fix the defect . He works on with the code and finally fixes the defect.

Dev lead assigns defect to Developer

Crucial Juncture :

The story enters the crucial juncture , which is the retesting of the defect . The developer gives status of the defect as ‘fixed‘ along with the root cause attached, and is notified to the Dev lead. The Dev lead assigns the defect back to the testing team. He gives the status as ‘Retest‘.

Defect fixes in Defect life cycle

The creator of the defect or QA analyst Retests the defect, and verifies whether the defect is fixed and working as expected. Finally, The Hero has been given clear instructions to act as per the requirements and status of the defect is given as ‘Closed’. Everyone felt its all good and movie has come to an end. But , But .. here comes ..

Climax :

On Retesting the defect , QA analyst has found that, the defect is not fixed. A twist in the tale, oops! inspite of all these, Hero is not acting as per director requirements. What happens now ? simple…The cycle repeats and we might see ‘Defect life cycle Part – II ‘ in near future. Just for story sake.. 🙂

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Note : This is an attempt to make you understand the defect life cycle as easy as possible and make you remember for longer. Please rate the movie and give your valuable feedback for improvement and encourage to implement these kind of ideas.

Finally, the Flowchart of Defect life Cycle :

The complete movie (Defect life cycle) is represented as a flow chart in the image below. Please “click on the Image to Enlarge” and “Click on image to zoom”.  Happy flow charting!

Flow chart of defect life cycle

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