Manual Testing Interview Questions, TOP 20! The Weekend Quiz.

Top 20 Manual Testing Interview Questions

We are all busy during weekdays with our jobs. Its very hard, to take out some time from shopping, chatting, TV, sleeping.. and that on weekends for interview preparation. offhhhooo no chance. 🙂

My dear sweet tester’s, you got to see the future. What does a new job can do to you ? It brings joy, happiness, good salary, more freedom and … list is pretty big enough!! come on then, lets spend some time. Answer these Top 20 Questions and you are good enough to challenge the interviewer.

Whats up :

What is positive testing and negative testing?
What are the phases of software testing life cycle ? STLC Phases.
What is test plan ?
What are different levels of testing ?
What is exploratory testing ?
What is defect severity and Priority ?
What is entry criteria and exit criteria ?
What is compatibility Testing?
What is alpha and beta testing ?

Explain Dear :

Explain about system and Integration Testing ?
Explain about life cycle models ? V model and Agile in particular ?
Explain about different test case design techniques?
Explain about Requirements Traceability Matrix ?
Explain the defect life cycle ?
Explain about load testing, Stress and Performance testing?
Explain about User Acceptance Testing ?

Differences Bro :

Difference between and functional and non functional testing ? With Examples.
Difference between Test scenarios and Test cases ?
Difference between QA and QC ?
Difference between regression testing and retesting?
Difference between black box , white box and grey box testing ?

What’s Your score ?

You can judge yourself better than anybody. Check your score, analyse and do not regret. Prepare even better. This is like a qualifier, the real one is awaiting someday or the other. Good luck.

Interview is no DEVIL :

The secret for a successful interview is, to treat the interviewer like your best friend and feel the magic. Its simple.

Need Answers ?

First drop in your answers in the comments below. If you feel there are too many to answer- Drop in an email to Most of these questions are covered in different posts in this blog. Please do search for the topics. Happy Weekend!