How to Design Test Cases and Execute? With Real Time Example.

Test case design and execution

Learning to design test cases for a textbox or email validation is different from real time applications. It requires good understanding of the business requirements and some imagination of how the application might behave. In this post we will look at designing the test cases and executing them as it happens for a signup form.

What is given to you?

We have a Signup form requirement for the user registration of a popular website. You need to understand the requirements, Design Test Cases and Execute them. A document comprising of the Sample screen, Functional requirements and Error Messages are given to you as separate categories below.

SignUp Form:

The below image is the Sample screen which consists of the fields.

facebook Signup Form

Functional Requirements:

Required Fields:

  • First Name & Last Name
  • Email or Phone
  • Re-enter Email or Phone
  • Password
  • Birthday
  • Gender


  • No limitation for First name and Surname field length.
  • Valid email id should be entered.Ex:
  • Phone number should contain exactly 10 digits.
  • Email id of existing facebook account is not accepted.
  • Email/ phone number and Re enter Email/Phone number should be same.
  • Password should contain at least 6 characters with combination of numbers, letters and punctuation marks.
  • At least 14 years old to sign up.

*Note: All fields are mandatory

Error Messages:

The error messages are additions to the requirements. You need to add the error messages as per the document below. The same is provided to the developers as well.

What your need to Do?

Come up with your own approach of testing the above requirements and Design test cases in an excel sheet. Don’t worry even if you miss some of them. Please refer the test cases below only after your completion. We need to learn by doing things ourselves first.

Test case design:

Its not mandatory that everyone should follow the same approach or guidelines for designing test cases. It varies from tester to tester and from organisation to organisation. The ultimate goal is the quality of the product that matters the most.

The Test case template comprises of the following fields.

  • Test Case Name
  • Test Case Description
  • Prerequisite/Test Data
  • Step Number
  • Steps to execute
  • Expected Result

The below are some of the important points to note down:

  • Design the test cases in such a way that, even a fresher can be able to execute them with minimal knowledge.
  • On reeading the Test case name and Description, one should be able to understand what the test case is all about.
  • Not everything can be tested (exhaustive testing is not possible). So choose your test cases accordingly.
  • Provide the required prerequisites and test data beforehand.

Test Cases for Your Reference:

Hoping that you have done your job. The below is the excel sheet consisting of test cases. Most of the functionality is covered. Have a look at them.

Here is the Document shared link incase your are finding it difficult to scroll.
Test Cases Document for SignUp form.

Test Cases Execution:

Now that you have designed the test cases, we will get you to execute them and find out your execution status. Remember that, some of the test cases might vary in terms of the requirements in the actual application. This happens often when are your working with projects that have requirements changing. You need to modify the test cases as per the changes. Don’t worry. This is an important skill set of tester.

Here your Go: Link for the signup form:

Send Us the Status:

Once you complete the execution of test cases. Send us the status mail / Enter in the comments sections below with the below mentioned parameters. This is what happens when your are working real time. You will be given the test cases list to execute and at the end of the day you need to send them the status.

  • Number of test cases executed.
  • Number of test cases passed.
  • Number of test cases failed.
  • Number of test cases require updates.

Found Any Defects?

After execution you will somehow find the defects and this is your next step, A MOVIE Defect/ bug life cycle.