What is Software Testing Wheel ?

Software Testing Wheel


The main idea behind Software testing wheel is to answer queries related to quality in a single frame. Sounds Interesting ? Yes! This Post will give you a clear idea of all that comes under the wheel of testing. Keep reading!


Functional Suitability:

Functional suitability is achieved if the system meets all the requirements, covers as per the specifications and only does the actions that are required. To put in it should correct, complete and appropriate.

TypesRegression Testing, System Testing, Unit Testing etc.


Performance efficiency is based on the behavior of the system under various conditions. Resource utilization and capacity are considered while determining the efficiency of the system.

Types -load testing, Volume Testing, Stress testing etc.


The compatibility is the support of the system to various factors such as hardware, browser, Operating system, ports etc. For example the older webcams are not compatible with the current operating system. Chrome supports more interactive websites than Internet explorer and so on.

TypesCompatibility Testing, Interoperability testing etc.


The easiness with which the user performs the operations, The main focus – How easy is the interaction with the system for the user to operate and control ? A system is said to be usable if user commits less number of mistakes, learns to use it quickly and the user is highly satisfied.

Types– User Interface testing, localization and internationalization tests.



The error free operation of the system for the specified duration of time in the environment provided is known as reliability. The questions to be answered are how does the system meets the needs ? Easily accessible ? How does it respond for the errors, The pace at which the system returns after an error.

Types– backup Testing, Recovery Testing.


Security refers to how well the system is protected against the illegal access and hacks. Simply, only the authorized users should have access to the wireless connection (password protected). If not its a breach in security and needs to be fixed. Security and Performance are the main areas of focus for most of the companies.

Types– Penetration tests, Vulnerability tests etc.


It is associated with how easy the system is to maintain. Considering usability, analysis, modifications and testability.

Types– Reviews, Static analysis.

Portability Testing:

Portability refers to the ease at which the system can be moved from one version to the other. The best example would be, the Mobile devices today can be easily updated to one version to the other (Lollipop android 5.0 to Marshmallow 6.0). Similarly the processors, Mother boards support various versions of Windows (7,8, 10). All of these have passed portability.


Lastly, software testing is very critical in today’s fast paced world. One bug and/or mistake would have serious effects on the responses from the user. Consider an app which is functionally and technically superb but fails with user friendliness. what would happen ? The user rating would be bad, hurts in terms of business. In the Testing wheel the factors mentioned are equally good for mobile testing. Keep testing, Keep Rocking 🙂

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