How to set chrome browser driver system property ? Selenium Webdriver chrome driver illegal state exception.

selenium webdriver exception

How do we solve chrome browser exception which says : Illegal state Exception and is related to chrome driver. While working with Firefox, there is no such error shown. This is applicable Continue reading

Performance Appraisal ! What Happens behind the scenes ?

Performance appraisal and its reality

The most exciting time of the year for any employee in the Organization, Performance Appraisal. You feel tensed, heart beat raises, hands start shaking, Tend to work more, Leave office very late (some really do) and what not 🙂 ? Continue reading

What is Software Testing Wheel ?

Software Testing Wheel


The main idea behind Software testing wheel is to answer queries related to quality in a single frame. Sounds Interesting ? Yes! This Post will give you a clear idea of all that comes under the wheel of testing. Keep reading!

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