Shortcut Keys In UFT QTP – Full List and Frequently used keys

shortcut keys in QTP UFT


The shortcut keys come very handy, when you have them on your finger tips. One who is familiar with these shortcut keys could Continue reading

Where Can I find Sample Applications in UFT QTP ?

Sample Applications in UFT


UFT / QTP has inbuilt sample applications that come within the package of HP software. Its a useful resource not only for starters but also for advanced users. Continue reading

How to clear Recent tests/Components in UFT QTP ?

Clear Recent Tests in UFT QTP


The recent tests which you have worked on are shown on the left pane under ‘Recent tests/components’.
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How to make QTP/UFT show add-in Manager at startup

Add in manager

While launching QTP/UFT, there is a add-in manager displayed for the user, to select or deselect the required add-ins. But, in case if you do not see the add-in manager or if you have unchecked the option, then follow the steps below to enable the add-in manager. Continue reading