What is SetTo Propetry and GetTo Property in UFT/QTP, GetRo Property?

SetTo and GetTo Property in UFT/QTP

The SetTo and GetTo properties are most handy for an automation tester when working with objects. In this post, we will uncover the details.

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How to connect Database from UFT/QTP ? Know How.

ConnectingUFT/QTP to database

Working with database in UFT/QTP is a very good feature available. But, most of the times, connecting to database is a huge task due to Continue reading

How to use Print Statement or Print log functionality in UFT QTP ?

Print statement and log in UFT QTP

We know about Msgbox() that prints the user messages to a dialogue box. Whereas, Print statement outputs to a pane. In this post we will know how to use Print statement in UFT/QTP. Continue reading

How to read user input from keyboard in UFT QTP ?

Input-box in UFT QTP

Sometimes, you need to provide test data during run time like, enter inputs through keyboard for further action. what do you do to make UFT accept inputs? well, we will learn in this post. Continue reading