What are Objects, Methods, Classes, Properties in UFT/QTP ?

Objects Methods Classes in UFT QTP

Anyone who is familiar with object oriented language like java, would know about these terms. But does UFT has these objects, methods, classes and properties ?  Continue reading

QTP/UFT Test Process- Automation Test life cycle

UFT /QTP Test life cycle


In this post we will know about the testing process of UFT in brief. The process consists of the the following phases.

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How To Add / Install Add-ins in UFT/QTP – Working with UFT Add-ins

Working With UFT add ins

In this post we will be working with UFT/QTP Add-ins. Everytime UFT is launched, we find a “UFT – Add-in Manager” dialogue box displayed. What is this Add-in manager? Why it is required ? lets check it out.

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Getting Started With HP-UFT/QTP

Getting started with UFT/QTP

In this tutorial, we will learn how to get started with HP UFT. There are two ways to automate: One is ‘Record’ and ‘Playback’ and the other is design using ‘Vb Script’. This tutorials is for absolute beginners, do not worry, even you know nothing about UFT or Vb script. At the end of this post you will be able to use a basic script for automation by your own. Continue reading