Selenium Interview Question and Answers Series. Episode- 1

Selenium Interview Q & A

The interview Series consists of set of questions in each episode to make you learn in a time based manner. Continue reading

35 Testing Types for the Manual Testing Interview

35-Testing-Types for Manual Testing Interview

Most of the interviews are intimidating. We might forget the important ones during the interview. The idea of this post, is to cover the important testing types in short and clear way. Continue reading

How to Reverse a String without StrReverse Function?

stringReverse without string reverse function.

VbScript has a string function to reverse the string. But, Interviewers think different, they want you to write a program without StrReverse function. How would do that? Continue reading

How to write number pattern programs in VBScript? UFT/QTP.

Number pattern programs in VBScript, UFT/QTP

Number Pattern programs are not only common in an UFT/QTP Interview but, the logic that is implemented would come very handy while designing the scripts using descriptive programming. Continue reading