Interview Questions/Programs of VBscript, UFT/QTP ?


In this post we will learn the basic programs of VBScript which are commonly asked in a UFT QTP Interview. Continue reading

Manual Testing Interview Questions, TOP 20! The Weekend Quiz.

Top 20 Manual Testing Interview Questions

We are all busy during weekdays with our jobs. Its very hard, to take out some time from shopping, chatting, TV, sleeping.. Continue reading

Smoke Testing vs Sanity Testing- What’s the Difference ?

Smoke and Sanity testing

When a question arises about the difference between smoke and sanity. Some say ‘Both are same’, and some ‘slightly similar’ and Others say ‘ They are Different’. So, how do we decide ? Well, we will know in this post.

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What are Test Deliverables ?

Test deliverables in software testing

A software testing project goes through different phases before delivery to the customer. In such process, there are different deliverables that are created. In this post, we will look at ‘Test Deliverables‘. Continue reading