What is Defect / Bug Life Cycle ? A Movie

Defect life cycle in software testing

Crude oil goes through different stages of refinement, before petrol and diesel are extracted. Similarly, defect found while testing, passes from actor to actor before getting the desired result. Sounds weird ? 🙂  yeah! Check out some interesting story below. Continue reading

What is TEST PLAN in software testing? What does it have in its bag?

Test Plan

In this post we will look at the most important concept in Software Testing. Testing like any other project is driven by a test plan. The activities to be performed in the entire project are included in a document known as ‘TEST PLAN’.  Continue reading

What is Regression Testing and Retesting ? Regression vs Retesting

Regression Testing and Retesting

The most commonly asked interview question, the difference between Regression testing and Retesting. In this post,  we will learn about these with clear examples. Continue reading

What are the phases of Software Testing Life Cycle ? STLC phases

Software Testing life cycle STLC phases

In this post we will learn about STLC phases in images view, This is a different approach to help you remember the phases in shortest way possible.

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