Black Box Testing Techniques- Part 1

Equivalence partitioning, Boundary value analysis

In this tutorial we will discuss about two black box testing techniques which are: Requirements based testing, positive and negative testing.  Continue reading

Black Box Testing


What does ‘Black Box Testing’ actually mean? Why is it required and its importance ? let’s find out in this tutorial. Continue reading

AGILE methodology- Scrum

Agile Methodology- Scrum

What is Agile?

This is one of the biggest buzzwords in the IT industry these days. But, what exactly is agile?

The Agile model provides alternatives to traditional project management. Agile approaches are used in software development to respond to unpredictability. In this tutorial we will learn in brief about agile and related concepts.

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Software development life cycle Models

SDLC models

Hundreds of different kinds of models are known and used. But many are minor variations on a smaller number of basic models. We will concentrate on the basic models in detail. Continue reading