How to read user input from keyboard in UFT QTP ?

Input-box in UFT QTP

Sometimes, you need to provide test data during run time like, enter inputs through keyboard for further action. what do you do to make UFT accept inputs? well, we will learn in this post. Continue reading

Message box in UFT QTP ? MsgBox()

msgbox in UFT QTP


Message box is a good feature for displaying user defined messages during run time. In this post, we will look at different types of message boxes available in UFT QTP. Continue reading

What is Object Identification and Smart Identification In UFT/QTP ? with examples

Object-Identification in UFT QTP

Its all about Objects in UFT. Everything which are visible are known as objects. Such as Text, Images, Edit Boxes, Lists and so on. Now, how does UFT identify these objects uniquely ? We will find out in this post. Continue reading

What is Regression Testing and Retesting ? Regression vs Retesting

Regression Testing and Retesting

The most commonly asked interview question, the difference between Regression testing and Retesting. In this post,  we will learn about these with clear examples. Continue reading