Major Quality Assurance Failures and solutions in the past 25 years


There are some major failures in the history of QA which shows the importance of testing. In this article, we have some of the examples listed.

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How to write number pattern programs in VBScript? UFT/QTP.

Number pattern programs in VBScript, UFT/QTP

Number Pattern programs are not only common in an UFT/QTP Interview but, the logic that is implemented would come very handy while designing the scripts using descriptive programming. Continue reading

What are most important skills a Tester Should have? Top 10! Current Trend.

Top-Skills of testers's

Gone are the days when tester’s had limited scope to prove themselves. The current trend has so much importance towards tester’s due to increase in customer expectations and emergence of Continue reading

Interview Questions/Programs of VBscript, UFT/QTP ?


In this post we will learn the basic programs of VBScript which are commonly asked in a UFT QTP Interview. Continue reading