What is Software Testing Wheel ?

Software Testing Wheel


The main idea behind Software testing wheel is to answer queries related to quality in a single frame. Sounds Interesting ? Yes! This Post will give you a clear idea of all that comes under the wheel of testing. Keep reading!

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What Will Future Jobs Look Like ? Excellent !

How do Future jobs Look like

How would the future jobs look like ? Difficult to even think with the rate at which current trends are moving, in this so called the Age of Knowledge. Well, you might have the answer. Keep reading. Continue reading

Major Quality Assurance Failures and solutions in the past 25 years


There are some major failures in the history of QA which shows the importance of testing. In this article, we have some of the examples listed.

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What are most important skills a Tester Should have? Top 10! Current Trend.

Top-Skills of testers's

Gone are the days when tester’s had limited scope to prove themselves. The current trend has so much importance towards tester’s due to increase in customer expectations and emergence of Continue reading